Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nail Polish Ninja

There is a universal truth that a three year old, if left to her own devices for any period of time, will find the most forbidden substance within the area, and use it.
Last night we found out that Boo is a Nail Polish Ninja. She managed to get into the nail polish box, select two complimentary colors (black and red), give herself a two coat mani-pedi and embellish the carpet with a little modern art.
All without alerting either Mommy or Grammie who were just outside the open door.
We thought she was sleeping peacefully, instead she was training to be a super cat burglar.

She still has traces of her manicurist adventures, it gives her that freshly dug up zombie look so popular with teenagers these days.


  1. Ba ha ha ha I just saw you posted this :). What a funny boo. What I think is funny is she put the two bottles back in the jar she found them in, put all the other little things back in and was in the process of putting it away when I caught her.

    If it hadn't been for the smell she could have gotten right back into bed and I'd never known!

  2. Hi Tracy! So glad to be able to read your thoughts. That's what I loved about working with you was the "meaningless" chitchat about life.

    That story reminds me of something Alyssa said the other night. I was painting my toenails and she walked into the room. She said, "Oh, you giving yourself a mannequin? (meaning manicure). I want a mannequin too." So cute.

  3. A Mannequin!! BWAHAHAHAHA! Kids say the darndest things!!!!

  4. You need to post the chocolate oatmeal story o.O