Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am the Arbiter of Cool.

The weather is Officially Cool. I have so designated it.

How do I know, for sure?
I am wearing hand knitted wool socks. This is a more definite measurement than some arbitrary sign like the Equinox, the leaves changing, or a date on a calendar. Those things often happen and it is still awfully warm around the Hacienda.

But wool socks now, that's a sure sign. My feet can only be happy in the hair of a sheep (maybe a little baby alpaca when it's REALLY cold, subzero even) when the temps dip.
Cotton socks are just decorative after a certain temperature is reached, I may as well be wearing socks made of fishnet for all the good they do me, so off to dig out the woolies I go.

May your Autumn be cool, colorful, and fruitful. Because Autumn it truly is, I know because the socks, they are a-changing.