Monday, August 2, 2010

Catch ALL The Fish!!!

Yay! I went fishing yesterday. The first time since my knee surgery, and it was well worth waiting for!
We went up to Huntington Creek. The scenery was spectacular, the weather cool and rainy, just like us fisherfolk like it. And the fish were just gullible enough to let me catch 4 of 'em. All brown trout, two around 10 -11 inches and two that were at least 13 inches! Big lunkers for me!

We saw 3 different deer, up close and up wind so they weren't too skittish. They kept wandering by while we were fishing. I'd turn around or look up and there'd be a deer, suddenly looking at me and not too very concerned.
That's one thing I've noticed about fly fishing, all your gear is on your body, no coolers or chairs or boats or bait buckets, and everything (waders, chest pack, jacket, hat) over time ends up smelling faintly mildewy, like the mud and water itself.
So you don't smell human, you hold still a lot, when you do move you are trying to sneak up on fish, or you're just whipping that rod tip back and forth like a willow in the wind, so you are pretty un-threatening. (Although I do tend to whoop like a wild woman when I get one on the line, might want to work on that.)
You end up seeing so much wild life and it is like a revelation. Like what the world might be like without us blundering through it.
Butterflies, wild flowers, sandpipers, goldfinches, humming birds, thunderstorms and a sunset to end all sunsets I swear.

We left later than we planned, driving along in the dark and got stopped because the road ahead had been covered in a mudslide. We drove around (through a helluva downpour) the long way home through Nephi and got back at 11:30, starving and tired.

Mike is an amazing driver by the way, the rain, the wind, (the control freak woman the the next seat) and the CRAZY drivers through Utah County construction zones late on a Sunday night (WTFBBQ???!) and he got us home in one piece.

The day was a total WIN. Now I just want to do it every day and not ever work. Is this wrong?

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  1. Wow 4 fish! Must have been the lipstick...

    And yeah that sunset was EPIC. Bekah and I went outside and she said "WOW it's so orange mom!"