Saturday, August 28, 2010


The corn is ripe and at the farm stand.
I bought a bunch and we had it for dinner last week and I had the joyful experience of teaching three year old Boo to eat corn on the cob.

It really is a thing you have to be shown!
You can't just bite into it, you have to hold it just so, and scrape off the outer 1/4 inch of it without getting your teeth caught in the cob. Then work your way down the cob to get all the kernels, then turn and start a new row. Stop, chew, savor, enjoy. Do it again.

A finesse technique if I ever saw one.
Think about sharing the wonder of that buttery goodness with one who has never experienced it.

She picked the skill right up and it was a wonder to behold the expression on her face.
"That's right" I thought, "It tastes just like that!"

That's the wonderful thing about having a child or especially a grandchild. You get to experience the world anew each time you see them behold it for the first time.

What a great moment.
Being a Gramma is soooooo cool.


  1. It's really too bad you missed the tantrum yesterday. Now THAT was a wonder to behold...

  2. I make arrangements to be out of town when those happen, just so you know!!